Chesapeake activity on the McMullen/Atascosa county line

Does anyone have any information on the area Chesapeake is drilling off of Countiss Rd in northern McMullen county?  I' have an EOG lease that borders all of the Chesapeake activity.  I was curios as to how this area of the Eagle Ford was suppose to be?

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Hi all! Any info on the EOG Gordon Trust Lease (the ones on the La Paloma) wells? What they are producing? Also, how is this area for the Pearsall Shale? Overall how is this area for the EF Shale? Thanks for the info!

EOG got the Gordon Trust 13H to TD in mid March and then used the same rig to drill the 1H. Figure this well is also at TD (probably around late April). No info on any testing available. Probably waiting on pipeline hook up to commence this work.

IMO, Eagle Ford in this area is some pretty good rock and should result in some good wells IF the operator does everything right as to drilling, completion and stimulation.

Pearsall Shale potential is harder to comment on due to much smaller population of wells and associated data. But this area is not that far from the very good Cheyenne Petroleum Pearsall wells in NE LaSalle County (gas wells with liquid yield numbers in the 400-450 Bbls condensate and NGL's per MMCF gas produced).

There is a chance that the Gordon Trust area could have the same negative in the Eagle Ford and Pearsall that is present in the Cheyenne et al NE LaSalle County area - sour (H2S) gas and issues with a viable pipeline and processing capabilty to flow the wells at full potential.

First, thank you Mark for all of your helpful info. We REALLY appreciate it! I am sure you roll your eyes sometimes at some of the crazy questions we ask. Like this one- What is sour gas and how does it effect a well? And, how long until we can look up production #s on the Gordon Trust Lease 13H & 1H? I can look that up on the Tx RR site, right? Again, many, many thanks!!

As of today, production can be found on Tx RRC site up thru April 2012. Easy to do - find operator number and then for either oil & gas or pending wells / pretty sure this is District 1.

Figure that May production numbers should be available before end of June.

Sour gas is gas with hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This very very very deadly gas cannot be put into "normal" gas pipelines until it is cleaned / processed of the H2S. This requires that the sour gas be gathered into a separate pipeline that takes it to an processing system designed to handled sour gas.

Sour gas also requires a lot more safety prep around well site in addition to being very corrosive on equipment and downhole tubulars. Lots of preventive maintenance is needed.

If such a system is not in place, one has to be built or well will be shut in (or only marginally produced while flaring some gas).

The H2S can also get into the oil and give one "sour oil" - this type of oil normally has to be gathered separately from "sweet" (non-sour) oil. Not as major an issue as gas - just different trucking company and gathering agreement.

Hi Mark!

OK, I have been trying to find the #s for the above wells on the Tx RR site and have not been able to figure it out. I went to Production Reports Query/ typed in 253162 (# for EOG) and district 1 but didn't see the Gordon Trust listed. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!! 

You didn't miss anything - no production data yet for the Gordon Trust #1H thru May 2012. Since well was just TD's most probably in April, it is possible that they didn't frac this til late May or June.


Perhaps June 2012 numbers (which should be out around August 1st) will have some post frac flow info


BTW - you did everything right

Oh good! I'm not a complete idiot! :)

As always, thank you. Will check again in August.

Hi All-

Looked up the Gordon Trust Well and they have #s up for May and June. I am embarrassed to admit, but I am not sure what #s mean what. I am a total novice!! For June- Production- 10,982 Volume 13,546 On hand end of month -1535. Then under Gas/MCF Formation Prod.-5409 Volume- has 2 #s 468 on top then 4941. Can someone tell me what these all mean, please? Was total barrels 10,982 or 13, 546? And I don't know how to price the gas part. Sorry for the ignorance. :) Thank you!!!

And, any more talk of the Pearsall around here? Many thanks!

Hello - So I think the numbers mean that the production was 10,982 bbls of oil for the month of June. Then EOG sold 13546 bbls in June and there was 1535 bbls of oil still on lease not sold at the end of June. EOG did not sell any gas - The 04 code means that they flared the gas and the 01 code is they used that amount of gas for field operations.

Gaspasr just gave you a great summary of the production info on the Tx RRC site. Prior to June, the Gordon Trust 1H and 13H were listed separately under the "Pending" category. Now they will be listed as the Gordon Trust lease with no breakout for individual wells.

On the disposition codes, type in this term in the Tx RRC search site and you will get a listing of what each number code means for both oil and gas.

And unless you have a clause that gas you for flared gas, that $$$ just went up in smoke.

I am thinking that these wells may be being produced at lower rates since they don't have gas pipeline in place. The RRC may be putting limitations on the EOG to not flare a lot of gas - as a result, wells could be choked back or on intermittent timers if on pumping unit.

Of course, there may not be a restriction on right now and this is what those wells can actually produce.

Last comment on your note asking about Pearsall recently. There has been tons of notes flying around on the forum focused on the Pearsall - looks like you got some research and catch up reading in front of you.

I guess if you want a resource to go up in smoke these days it is best to be the gas. That is why you have to be careful when operators talk about production in a bbls of oil equivalent. 5409 mscf of gas is about 900 bbls of oil equivalent - but the avg. price of gas for June was about $2.50 mscf - so that gas value is about $14,600 while if it was 900 bbls of oil it would fetch about $79,600 at $88.50 per bbl. Of course you hate to see a resource like that wasted especially when it has some negative environmental effects.



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