This is from Enno Peters from Oilpro - it is just incredible:

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Seems to underscore the high depletion issues that have been discussed in the past on this site and other venues

Mark, take a look at the comments; Mike Shellman - a small O&G operator, in business for years.

Mr. Engle,

Thank you for posting this; I found the info quite interesting and informative.

I recall Mark P's prescient discussion of the EF' steep decline rate, back in 2013-14. 

Glancing at the graph, decline rate appears to remain relatively constant, regardless of initial production date or initial production value (percentages are rough visual guestimates only):

Year 1: -60% for the year, -60% cumulative decline, 40% remaining reserves

Year 1: -50% for the year, -80% cumulative decline, 20% remaining reserves

Year 1: -50% for the year, -90% cumulative decline, 10% remaining reserves

Just my two cents, and worth every penny.

Thanks again for sharing the info,

Brent Hays, in the Great City in the Greatest State, Austin Texas



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