Gulf Coast Gas Corp., Samedan Oil, and the no. 1 Wohlgemuth Gas Unit in Jim Wells

I have been going through my deceased dad's legal papers that I found in a locked suitcase in back of a closet. There was a division order and a sale of this unit from Samedan Oil to Gulf Coast. It was a 320 ac. unit. Does anyone have any info about Gulf Coast Gas Corp.

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There are two companies under this name in the public record - both located in Corpus (but different addresses).

What is the date of the sale?

Last production of the Wohlgemuth well was in 1982. Last operator of record was Prevail Energy Incorporated

Date of sale to Gulf Coast was 1970 with accompanying division orders. I called one of the Gulf Coast Corp listed in Corpus and they said they didn't buy anything in that location but then the lady was young and probably would not have known. I know in Louisiana if a company is 90 days without production after expired term of lease, then it terminates. I just don't know Texas law

Being that this is such an old well that has been off production for 35 years, I figure that this acreage has been released several more times over the years

Thank you for the info, Mark


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