Looking for any info on when drilling starts on the EOG  Martindale L & C wells south of Los Angeles in La Salle County.  Thanks.

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EOG spud the #3H on April 9th and set surface pipe on 4/11. Figure that they will get this well drilled to TD in the horizontal by the end of the month.

Using Nabors Rig MO8

No activity yet reported on the 1H, 2H and 4H locations.


Thanks much for the news. 3H was approved 3/24 and the other three on 4/9.

I own minerals under several tracts about 3 miles N of Los Angeles just west of where EOG has permitted the Mak Ranch 1H well ( permit issued 5-10-2012 ). Our minerals are under lease to EOG with the primary term expiring in Dec. I am wondering if Mark or anyone else can comment on the quality of the EF wells in this area. Also the potential for Pearsall shale production in this area. There seems to be pretty wide range of guesstimates on what the EUR bbls the EF "west oil" wells will wind up making. The EOG presentations seem to indicate 400,000 bbl+ while the Trevor Sloan ITG presentation seems to indicate closer to 300,000 bbl. Anyway, I would appreciate any comments on what the wells in this part of La Salle County might look like and also any comments on the Pearsall shale potential in this area. I have enjoyed reading this blog and all the good information sharing. Especially appreciate Mark Przywara sharing his expertise. Thanks and good luck, Andrew

As for EF, really good area. Multiple wells with IP's in the 1000 BOPD range with a high of over 2000 BOPD.

There is a GREAT well located about 5 miles to the SE - Matador Resources Martin Ranch #1H (42-283-32333). This well has cum'd 446,000 BO & 500 MMCF since January 2011. There has been a significant production uptick over past several months. Most recent production (April 2012) was about 3000 BO & 6.5 MMCF per day.


Based on fact that this are is on trend with the Cheyenne Pearsall Shale area in NE LaSalle County, I would have to say that the potential for that section is pretty good here. No realy Pearsall control in the Mak Ranch area, but to the NE is the EOG Hindes well (which is one of their key wells that turned them onto the Pearsall Shale potential that they are chasing through the trend).

Key in Pearsall is to have signficant liquids associated with the gas. Pearsall is dry gas (no liquids) to the west in Dimmit County. The Cheyenne wells in NE LaSalle Irwin Ranch area are over 400 bbls condensate and NGL's per MMCF of gas produced. Problem there is sour gas - which as limited production to date due to lack of sour gas pipeline and processing.

Should be sour in Mak ranch area 


Hope this helps

Yes, thanks Mark, that is great information. One more question if I might. The Mak Ranch 1H is permitted with a 6,350 lateral. Any thoughts on what the well spacing might be in this area? Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of this play, Andrew

You are very welcome

Just SW of Mak Ranch area, EOG was developing Hoff Ranch with laterals about 1000' apart. However, spacings appear to have gotten closer over time (down to 500-600').

EOG has presented info in several recent conferences indicating that they believe that titer (i,e, smaller unit) spacing is feasible in the Eagle Ford. Down to around 80 acre drainage units per well

Thanks Mark. Much appreciated. Please keep me in the loop if you or any of the other board members hear anything about well completions in the Los Angeles area. Good luck to all of us, Andrew

Andrew we are just up the road from you towards Millett and according to wells close by and the production from the Hoff and other units in the area prove that the area we are in is very productive and should be for years to come.  EOG has pulled moved much of their production to the Gonzales/Cheapside area as the wells that they have there are much more productive than even the Hoff area.  Although the wells in our area are good and producing 1000+BO day the ones in Cheapside are off the charts at 3000+ per day so the economics are obvious for EOG to stay there.  Others players CHK, Carrizo, El Paso, dont have those options to move so they should remain active in our area.  We did have our lease with EOG and it was traded over to Chesapeake due to the reasons above and the obvious infrastructure that they are setting up.  EOG just did not want to spend the money to do this on a 2400 block so they swapped acreage somewhere for ours.  Our lease was set to expire Jan/2013 with EOG and will do so with CHK if they don't drill or release with the option to do so. Either way something must happen by years end on our lease. 


You are in a good area so something will happen for you guys as well,  wishing you the best.


Thanks for the update. Sounds like there is going to be a lot of activity in our area one way or the other by year's end. Our lease has a 2 year extension option and while I would obviously prefer production royalty payments to start, getting the bonus money again would not be all bad. This area is, as you say, very productive and will certainly get drilled before the leases expire. I drove through the area 2 weeks ago on my way to Mexico, up El Jardin Rd. and Irvin Rd. and saw what I assume was the Mak Ranch rig going up. Our lease line is about 500 ft. to the west of the Mak Ranch well lateral as per the RR Comm. plat. I am of course hoping EOG just keeps moving west and develops our lease next. Will be interesting to see. If you are on the ground in the area, please keep me posted on what you see developing. Thanks again for the update and good luck to you guys as well, Andrew


Looking at the well data for the Martin Ranch 1H, I believe that the data is for multiple wells on the same lease, hence the uptick to over 3,000 barrels of oil. Also no production is shown for some of the other wells even though they have been completed.

If that is just 1 well it may be the best in the trend.

I thought the same thing (i.e. multiple wells on lease), but only one well listed for this lease in Drilling Info. Perhaps that data is incorrect.


Will have to go back and look at this over time to see if it has been changed

Yes, thanks. I believe the #1H did 117,000 bbl. in 2011 so not possible it it got to 400,000+ in the first 4 -5 months of 2012. Very good wells anyway you look at it however. Thanks for the in put, Andrew

"Our second operated Eagle Ford horizontal well, the Martin Ranch #1H in northeastern LaSalle County, was completed in January 2011 and tested approximately 1,200 Bbls of oil per day during an initial flow test. First sales of oil and natural gas from this well began in late March at approximately 700 Bbls of oil and 350 Mcf of natural gas per day. During December 2011, the well produced at an average daily rate of approximately 330 Bbls of oil and 0.6 MMcf of natural gas per day, and through December 31, 2011, had produced a total of 117,000 Bbls of oil and 144 MMcf of natural gas."


"In November and December 2011, we completed three additional operated Eagle Ford horizontal wells, the Martin Ranch #2H, #3H and #5H, in northeastern LaSalle County, Texas. During initial flow tests on these wells, the Martin Ranch #2H tested at approximately 1,310 Bbls of oil and 1.8 MMcf "




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