I am closing on a lease for some clients who own minerals near Dilley, Texas.  Terms are $2300/acre, 25% royalty and 3 year term. 

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Thanks.  Can you say who is leasing? how many acres? and has it been leased before?

Approximately 962 acres, not been leased before for the Eagle Ford.  Lessee is High Cotton Holdings which is the land department arm of the operator Ranger Exploration.

Is the lease from the surface to China?  Is it just an EFS lease?  Or can you divulge that? 

For what it's worth, that is close to what I got for a 460 acre tract near Dilley in June, 2012.

I have 183 acres near Divit if you have any clients that might want to lease it. DAH  and Marathon was leasing in 2012 but my land was tied up at the time and they have since slowed down leasing in Frio county.More to the story but the point is that it's now available to lease if anyone is interested.


Does anyone know of any good wells drilled in the pearsall formation; in Frio county. Whats the news on that play for us Frio mineral owners? 

Suggest you google the Pearsall Shale on this site - lots of info on drilling activity and well performance from this interval.

Cabot is the major Pearsall player in Frio County with Blackbrush also drilling.

Wells are being completed but production declines (IMO) are lower than people would like to see.


What do you make of the wells permited for 14,000' and 16,000'


Since February 1, 2013 to present there have been 9 drilling permits approved for Frio County.

 Approved 02/01/2013 Submitted 01/29/2013 755800 163-33691 EF ENERGY, L.L.C. (238492) THOMPSON RANCH 4H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill - 8,500' 

Approved 02/01/2013 Submitted 01/29/2013 744004 163-33621 EF ENERGY, L.L.C. (238492) MARRS MCLEAN 2H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill- 8,400'

Approved 02/02/2013 Submitted 01/29/2013 754819 163-33689 STONEGATE PRODUCTION COMPANY,LLC (823808) WILSON G 8H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill - 9,000' 

Approved 02/07/2013 Submitted 02/04/2013 756143 163-33692 CABOT OIL & GAS CORPORATION (121700) CHILIPITIN, LTD. 3H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill - 12,000'

Approved 02/08/2013 Submitted 02/05/2013 736632 163-33580 CABOT OIL & GAS CORPORATION (121700) CHILIPITIN, LTD. 2H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill-12,000' 

Approved 02/12/2013 Submitted 12/20/2012 753671 163-33684 VIRTEX OPERATING COMPANY, INC. (886261) HARLAN, R. K. 3H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill - 6,300' 

Approved 02/13/2013 Submitted 02/07/2013 741782 163-33608 CABOT OIL & GAS CORPORATION (121700) R.H. PICKENS, ET AL 'A' 101H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill - 16,000' 

Approved 02/13/2013 Submitted 02/07/2013 722150 163-33509 HUGHES, DAN A. COMPANY, L.P. (411736) MCKINNEY 1H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill- 14,000' 

Approved 02/14/2013 Submitted 02/05/2013 747512 163-33650 VIRTEX OPERATING COMPANY, INC. (886261) O'NEILL-BIEL UNIT 1H 01 FRIO Horizontal New Drill - 7,000'

The Pickens A 101H 16,000' PTD is a Pearsall test / All of Cabot's Pearsall wells have well designation numbers in the hundreds. 

The 14,000' Dan Hughes well is most probably the total depth to be drilled - including the horizontal. 

Many permits only list the true Vertical depth (TVD) and not the total footage to be drilled (e.g. The EF Thompson Ranch 4H / 8500'). 

Tends to get confusing

If it's the same Dan Hughes that's drilling in Zavala Co it's a Pearsall well if you can believe the formation they list on their permits.  They have quite a few in Zavala co.  They list them as pearsall/buda.  Just saw one from someone else the other day listed as a pearsall/austin chalk.

look under http://blackbrushenergy.com/

Under operations is a map of Blackbrush holdings highlighted in yellow. I suggest if you are

near or next to their holdings, call and see if they are interested.

Blackbrush is drilling Pearsall wells up 85 from Dilley at this time.

Cabot is drilling in eastern and southeastern Frio County at this time.


I think that the "Pearsall" designation that Dan Hughes is using refers to Pearsall "Field" and not the formation. Believe that these are open hole Buda horizontals.

Ok.  The light just went on.  I know I've been told that before but the light stayed waaaaay dim...

It makes a lot more sense now. 



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