Leasing and now the drilling has picked up on the Eastern edge of Fayette County

Mainly East of Hwy 77 and North of Schulenburg

Geo Southern started the leasing in this area, mainly East of Hwy 77 between Schulenburg and LaGrange about 2 years ago.  There has been some talk that they are working on a plan to lease over 100,000 acres and their target objective is the Austin Chalk rather than the Eagleford proper.  Geo Southern had a good start on the area leasing and now a few other companies have joined into the leasing effort. Although they have been keeping a low profile, EOG has started leasing in this area as well and I believe the company that is doing their leasing is Jeter.  

This looks like an Austin Chalk play and lots of gas rather than crude at this point; but, the drilling effort has just started and information is mighty scarce.  This play should be a good one to watch over the next few months and into 2018.

For now the Western part of Fayette County seems to be at rest since all the big guns are focusing on the Hwy 77 corridor.

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Already knew about that one, the second map wasn't the question, lol.


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