Does anyone know who has purchased the Nordheim assets from Abraxas in Dewitt County?  I see the tranasaction has closed, per a press release from Abraxas, but cannot see where Abraxas has disclosed the buyer.  Thanks

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I believe it is Sabine Oil and Gas

Agree on Sabine as purchaser - they list the T-Bird 1H as the producing well that was acquired in the deal (an Abraxas well)

It was in fact Sabine.  They have actually permitted and drilled the #2, 3, 4 and 5 T-Bird wells in the unit. They being completed now. Glad to see someone take an active drilling role, as it appeared Abraxas was not as inclined to do so. 

Pretty sure Abraxas was playing the "drill 1-2 wells and flip for big $$$$" game for the Eagle Ford. Picked up acreage originally for Edwards and EF fell into their lap.

Attached is Sabine's / NFR's most recent corporate presentation.


And they have also permitted the first two wells in the McClanhan unit with a spud date of 8/15.


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