Anyone know of any activity in this area of Gonzales county

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Sorry to say but this is an area of Gonzales County that is seeing now Eagle Ford related activity. Nearest locations are 3 to 5 miles southeast and due east, respectively, of Waelder.


Although there is Eagle Ford section in this area, the sweet spot that is critical to determining ultimate oil volumes is thin. A completion in the Eagle Ford in this area would make some oil, but the volumes would not pay out the drilling and completion efforts.


Again, this is just my opinion

I just drove from Gonzales to Waelder late this afternoon. There is a well being drilled south of Sandyfork creek between the creek and the Saturn Comunity center on the east side of 97 abought 1/4 mile.
I am assuming this is south on 97. About how far south is that from I 10?

From Waelder the Well is Approximately 2 miles South of IH 10 on the East side of 97 just South of Sandy Fork creek. It sets abought 1/4 mile East of 97. It is very visible from the Highway. Not sure who owns the property. This is abough half way between IH 10 and Saturn Comunity Center. Pull up ma Gonzales county map on the internet and you can get a good idea what I am refering to.

Thanks for the detailed info

Looks like this well is being drilled for Diamond M Drilling & Exploration Company. The well described by B. Schramm should be between County Roads 421 & 387.


Diamond M appears to be chasing Austin Chalk in this area - not Eagle Ford. They have at least two wells down and completed in Austin Chalk (Peach Creek Field). One had IP of 207 BO, 661 MCF and over 1100 BW per day back in mid 2009  - no production has been reported as yet (too much water???).


I see several other permitted locations for Diamond M in this area and to the south - all for Austin Chalk.


Their focus on Chalk tends to support lack of confidence that Eagle Ford is economic in this area.

Well is close to County road 421. Within 1/2 mile.

the maps seem to show same thickness as other spots that have good producing wells. Any thoughts on this.

Most maps show the gross Eagle Ford thickness and not the thickness of the sweet spot interval in the Eagle Ford (i.e hot gamma ray, high resistivity, good porosity combination).

The sweet spot sectiion is what contains the majority of the hydrocarbons - if thisinterval  is thin, sufficienthydrocarbon  volumes needed to make an economic well are limited.

The phrase "Just because it is called Eagle Ford doesn't mean it is prospective" applies here.


 Know of any interest in Gas zones below the Eagle ford?

I was told that there are 4 possible zones of gas below the Eagle ford.

Potential gas zones below the Eagle Ford in this part of trend include the Buda / Edwards (already proved to be productive / negatives with this are sour gas and major water flows in some areas), I am lumping this package together since they are a relatively consistent carbonate section.


Other gas prospectivity includes the Pearsall Shale and Sligo / Pettet lime. Pearsall Shale is productive in South Texas - thickness in this area much thinner. This would be unconventional play similar to the Eagle Ford in that long horizontals and fracture stimulation is necessay. Issues in South Texas where section is thicker revolves around the economic viability of this play ($9-$10 Million per well to drill and complete). Sligo / Pettet has proven to be productive along the trend as far south as McMullen County, but combination of depth / cost to drill, sour gas and complex reservoir delineation make this a tough play to make

Biggest issue with any deeper gas is cost to drill and complete and associated economics tied to low commodity prices.



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