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Here’s why some insiders doubt the Halliburton & Baker Hughes deal will close

After the close of trading on Friday, Halliburton released a statement saying the release of full earnings is postponed to May 3 from Monday, April 25, citing the deadline for the Baker Hughes deal as the reason.

They announced the merger in November 2014 in a deal now worth roughly $25 billion in a…


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My Producer has Filed Bankruptcy - Now What?

By:      Wade Caldwell ( & Zach Fanucchi (…


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Torchlight Energy

Torchlight Energy (TRCH) has 168,000 acres in the Orogrande Basin west of El Paso. The land has a geologic pattern just like the Permian Basin and they are expecting to find a great deal of oil. A partner (a subsidiary of DH Horton) has given them $50 million to be a 50% partner. Price is a steal right now at $1,.25

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Volatile times loom for NM’s oil patch (Albuquerque Journal)

By Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer

Published: Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 12:02am
Updated: Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 10:52am
For the complete article use this link--> …

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EagleFordForum Member,

The last 8 years have been quite a ride for the oil and gas industry and for our network. GoHaynesvilleShale, EagleFordForum and GoMarcellusShale have all weathered the ups and downs thrown at it. Despite this, we have succeeded. I have spoken with enough people to know that the network has…


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The Shale Resource Play Origins Revisited

This is probably old news now, but CCGS has agreed to include the slides and notes from my December 10 talk on the origins of shale plays in the CCGS March Bulletin. This has a few changes for copyright concerns, but has the same essential content. This includes my now famous comments about why Antarctica changed the course of potential shale play formation in the Neogene. Questions are…


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For the complete article use this link --> Resource War and San Juan Basin oil Oil and gas companies in …

For the complete article use this link -->

Resource War and San Juan Basin oil Oil and gas companies in the Southwest, the Rocky Mountains and the Dakotas are revising or recalibrating their capital budgets for 2015 as the price per barrel of west Texas intermediate…


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Anderson & Lyssy Units, Wilson County

We have respectively, a NPRI and minerals in the Anderson (operated by EOG), and Lyssy (operated by Matador), both wells drilled to completion early this year. Having a devil of a time getting information about production, well status, etc. from the land men and others in the companies. (Phone calls not returned). As well, we have never received word that the original leases are held by production now that the primary terms of the leases have passed. We know that it takes several months to…


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Fayette County Activity

Sanchez has finally moved their first rig into the Five Mile Creek area.  This is the Five Mile Creek Unit "D" 1-H.  Not sure if this RRc link will come through or not; but, anyway the Rig was moved in late last week and as of Monday was stood up getting ready for duty.  This was the rig that moved from the Sante North unit.  Water is just being hooked up to the Sante North, I would guess in preparation for the fraccing crews.…


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EOG Maximizing Recovery of Eagle Ford - An example of the improving recovery and its $ impact - Seeking Alpha article (8/13/13)

Whoever first said "patience is a virtue"...probably never dreamed it would have natural resources implications....


Initially EOG believed that from 640 acres of its Eagle Ford property the company could recover 4.5 million barrels using 65 acre spacing.

Through trial and error, EOG has discovered that 40 acre spacing is actually going to work better which means the company will increase the amount of oil recovered by 42% and the net present value of that…


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Mineral Value in Marathon Eagle Ford in far southeast Atascosa County

I am trying to figure out a value for half of my minerals, (will equal .10 royalty multiplier) along with current oil production on the property with 500 surface acres. The OGL is within the core Marathon assets along Highway 99 in far southeast Atascosa county. 

Does anyone have an idea on how I could arrive at an approximate value for the property?


Mr. James

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Produced Water Treating and Recycling

I believe that the water produced from oil and gas wells in the Eagle Ford (and throughout South Texas) is or will be a valuable resource. Has anyone on this blog given thought to the pros and cons of treating and reusing this water versus disposal in injection wells?  Stationary, commercial water treatment facilities make sense to me. E&P operators can stop worrying about onsite treatment. Much less truck traffic because of new salt water pipelines. 

Disposal wells will…


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Identify Land

Does anyone know how to find the property that my family owns to see if they could be drilling on it.

I'm a little confused because we've received offers from twelve different companies wanting to buy our mineral rights since EOG leased it from us.  On all of the offers except one, they show the property in LaSalle County. From what I understand, we own 10 acres in McMullen Co. and about one acre in LaSalle Co.  I don't know why they would be interested in just the one acre. Here is…


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Encana pumped about New Mexico oil play

Cathy Proctor
Reporter- Denver Business Journal
Email  | Facebook  | Twitter

Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. — the Denver-based U.S. unit of Canada's Encana Corp. — will…


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Industry touts major Mancos Shale play Estimates point to 6B barrels of recoverable oil

ARMINGTON – The San Juan Basin could be headed toward a renaissance in natural-gas and oil drilling if rosy expectations touted by industry officials at Monday’s San Juan Basin Energy Conference hold true.

“In the southern part of the basin, the Mancos play has the potential to revitalize declining San Juan Basin oil production and also has a tremendous amount of future gas production in the northern part of the basin,” said Ron Broadhead, a principal…


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Perdiz unit 1Hand 2H

Permit to DO 144 days.

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H2S and H-9's

I have been looking at different posts and reading statements regarding concerns of H2S and safety.

I have many friends in the area which state the concentrations are very high all up and down the EFS.

So I went the they have a really old and slow system, but with a little persistence and digging I believe I understand.

H-9's are submitted before a well is…


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