Does anyone know who is drilling on South 2505 in Wilson county?  It is only about 4-5 miles from the Atascosa County line but only about 3 miles from of place off 2505.


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Probably Trinity Operating - they have a three well pad for Horizontal Eagle Ford in that area.

One can go to the GIS map option on Tx RRC commission to zero in on any area and see what's going on

So it is Recoil that drilled two well off 541 close the current ones they are drilling off South 2505. I recon these found something interesting.

Proof will be after the frac these laterals and get some good flow back information. That's the "problem" with these types of wells and this play - once can't really figure out "success / results" until you spend all the money to complete / frac a well and see what comes out.

We're keeping an eye in our are. Although quite a few drilling permits for our area, still very little drilling. We'll report of we see anything of interest.

Recoil Resources also very active in same area - 4 well Hz Eagle Ford pad in same area.

Recoil is Charles Cusack's company - ex Petrohawk head geo (EF discovery drillers).

If you can find a rig sign, I can check rig reports and pin things down.


So glad to see that you and the other learned gentleman James Maxwell are still on this blog advising and helping folks along on this blog.

The only marking on the Rig close to us is "CACTUS" don't know if that helps. As always Mark, thanks a bunch.


Jess, that helps a lot!

Rig report from this week shows one Cactus rig (#152) in Wilson County. Drilling the Trinity Operating INXS #74H lateral.

This is one of three permitted 10,000' laterals on this pad - don't be surprised if this rig stays on location until all three wells are drilled and cased to TD in the laterals (common practice today)

74H was spud on 8/25/22.

Attached is Permit for this well - looks like these INXS wells are on part of the old Gawlik Unit.

You will also see on this permit plat reference to three other laterals drilling to the NW from this same pad - these three are indicated to be "Nirvana" wells.

No permits yet filed for these wells - but expect to see them soon.

So INXS laterals doing 10,000' to SW from pad - looks like 750' between laterals.

Nirvana laterals to go to NW - assuming also 10,000' long with similar 750' lateral spacing.


Assuming all these laterals are targeting Eagle Ford section. Won't know for sure until directional surveys and TVD data is on file on Tx RRC site.


Thank you, thank you very much for the information. Greatly appreciate it.

Jess, I'm most happy to see you back aboard, also.

I'm eager for some action here on the EF Forum -- and, of course, the leasing and drilling activity to justify it!


Good to hear from you, I have been out of the loop for a few years but I was so glad to see you and Mark are still on the Blog. Boy! that's a lot of experience and brainpower on this blog.  We are all lucky to have you guys.

We are at the Southwest corner of Wilson county we are part of the Lang Unit in Wilson County that is still pumping.  James like  you we hope that these companies with their great experience with this rock and with state of the art technologies may just be able to hit pay dirt in our neck of the woods.

I think I may have mentioned this in another discussion thread, but what we are seeing today with some renewed drilling in certain areas makes a lot of sense.

You have "new" players like Recoil and Validus who are headed up by key management that was involved in the early days of the Eagle Ford play. Recoil (Charles Cusack / ex Petrohawk) and Validus (Skye Callantine / ex-Chesapeake).

  • Validus just sold their EF trend assets (which they acquired mostly from Encana) to Devon for $1.5 Billion.

Technology tied to drilling and completing the EF (and AC in some areas) has significantly improved over the years.

  • Gen 1 fracs have evolved to Gen 5+ fracs - with resultant increases in EURs.

Costs to drill and complete these laterals have dropped. In early days, a 5000' lateral may take a month to drill.

  • Today, laterals are normally in the 10,000' or longer range - and being drilled and cased in a couple of weeks.

Improved practices have resulted in saving money - using spudder rigs to shallow parts of the hole. Using walking rigs to lower rig move costs.

  • Implementation of technologies from ALL horizontal plays across the USA being brought to bear in the EF trend.

The EF has become a "proven" trend - the reservoir is very well understood as are the subsurface conditions tied to O&G presence and how these reservoirs act as they are being produced.

  • Most of the early unknowns and risk factors have been highly diminished since the start of the play effort

And last but not least, Private Equity firms are looking differently at how they invest in management teams that pursue these types of plays.

  • Putting funding behind a proven group that knows the play and has over a decade of successful horizontal drilling and completion expertise lowers the risk bar for PE firms.
  • And these firms are directly their management teams to focus on what they do best - i.e., "stick to your trend".

Some may say that this is literally "farming" the oil reserves.

  • I don't like to push that phrase too much since Mother Nature will throw a screw ball at you if you get too cocky or confident about what you are doing.

Oh - and I haven't even mentioned today's O&G&NGL price environment!

Pretty much a new generation of Eagle Ford trend development. No rush to develop since everything is HBP (and has been for a long time). So, the drilling and exploitation will happen if it makes good economic sense.



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