Does anyone know who is drilling on South 2505 in Wilson county?  It is only about 4-5 miles from the Atascosa County line but only about 3 miles from of place off 2505.


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Testing.  Testing.  Testing.

James, don't know if you got my post we had a pathetic offer from a landman last week.
It's working..

Jess, yes I did see your reply.  Thanks for response.  As you saw from my "Testing" post, I was having a bit of trouble with the site after re-starting my Mac.  Now all fixed (I think).

Jess, you've ginned up an active thread here on EFF the likes of which we haven't seen in 8 years or so!  And, of course, thanks to Mark for his knowledgeable inputs.


I don't know what's going on here, I've lost the thread. 

I am trying to fine our  Eagle Ford Blog "Oracle" Mark. I need to relay some information for all of us.  My brother called me this morning and told me the folks drilling Rig #161 on South 2505 have a flame going, which I guess means they hit some oil.  That may be encouraging for us down the Southwest corner of Wilson County or not.

Here I am!

Flaring gas while drilling is a common practice - instead of loading on the mud weight to "kill" gas influx, operator will set up a gas buster to basically remove the gas from the drilling fluid when it circulates to the surface. And that is diverter to the flare stack for burning.

I am sure there is some sort of environmental permit that needs to be submitted to do this in today's world.

As noted before, there is no doubt that the Eagle Ford has oil (with some associated gas) here - question will be economic volumes after spending $6+ million to drill and complete any lateral.

We won't have a good idea on this issue until after well is completed and we see several months of production.

Thanks for the update from the field


Thank you!! Hope you don't mind being called the "Oracle" of the Eagle Ford.  You are that and a lot more to most of us.

Again thank you!

Thanks. But if I was an oracle, I would have had fewer dry holes in my oil & gas career! Lol
Hey, it's alright. We all appreciate your educated guesses on what's going on and for that we thank you.

Yes, Jess, the replies can get buried if one hits the reply key on a comment instead of going back to the main posting window. 

Have no fear.  Mark monitors this site with great regularity, and did so even during the barren period of 2014-2022.

I normally (but not all the time) get emails with notices of new comments on any discussion thread.

But if it is a "new" discussion topic, I have to click on "follow" to get these notices.

Folks, these guys are pretty optimistic. They brought in 25 big tanks and they are getting ready to drill another well.



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