Does anyone know who is drilling on South 2505 in Wilson county?  It is only about 4-5 miles from the Atascosa County line but only about 3 miles from of place off 2505.


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Have you heard anything about current lease bonuses being offered and paid in the SW part of Wilson County?  Heard anything about $ amounts per acre?

Lots of activity there it appears, judging from well permit applications in August. 


We have not heard anything yet.  My brother has his ear to the ground for information.  If we hear anything will let you know for sure.

I am really wondering just how much "open' acreage is still in this area. How much is HBP from previous horizontal production?

Digging more into Wilson Co leasing.........

Looked at ENVERUS / DrillingInfo site (this option is being discontinued on Dec 1st) - attached PDF shows 359 lease filings of various types in past 12 months in Wilson County.

  • 91+% of these filings are Recoil Resources.
  • The others all appear to be various lease broker firms.

No info on bonuses in these filings (very rare to see that / actually a mistake by filer if this gets into public record).

  • A few references to 25% royalty interests.
  • Almost all lease terms are 36-month primary term agreements. A few shorter term (ready to drill soon?)

Note the previous 12 months of lease filings only had about 80 items.

  • So, things definitely picking up.

Also attached is a list of the grantors that worked with Recoil as to these lease filings.

  • You may recognize some of these individuals or groups (this is all public record information). Looks like lots of non-individual agreements.

So, I answered my own question - there has been some significant focused leasing in the updip Eagle Ford trend in Wilson County by the Recoil Resources group.

Small portion of our land is HBP by EOG and the Lang well. The rest which is open, is on the path of the Rigs, #161 and #152 that are 2505 South. Which are curr being drilled.

Waiting for phone calls from land brokers????

Had a landman call my brother with a ridiculous and insulting offer.

Bet this was a "scab" broker trying to lease on low end of spectrum so that they can flip to operators for big money.

For those that have a good idea of what is happening, this is a waste of time for the brokers.

But sometimes they will stumble across either a desperate person or one who doesn't have a clue about oil field issues.

We figured that much as he was not affiliated with any drilling company.

Thanks a bunch for the education you dispense to the members.

Glad to share and help out any way I can.

Well darned, this Company is drilling another well from Rig #152. Must be something interesting in the area.
Have a great weekend.

Everyone knows that there is oil in the Eagle Ford in this area - the question is "can it be exploited in economic volumes to make drilling worthwhile?"

Trinity Operating definitely things so.

Oil prices helping out a lot here.



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