I see that EOG has some No./So. orientations less than 10,000' with the Dune Unit. This is encouraging to me since our lease needs the same. Nice to start the new year!

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Looks like the three laterals are being spaced about 600' apart.

Will be interesting to see how these new laterals perform as compared to the original 2014 EOG Dune EF wells.

Have to think that EOG will be doing better frac's to get better EUR's.

Agree that seeing EOG drill on new wells on an HBP unit is a good thing for mineral owners!

Well, that raises the question of optimal lateral direction, if the N-S direction is not mandated by lease geometry.  I see what are (for the area of my mineral interests in Karnes, Wilson, and Atascosa counties) the usual NW-to-SE in the vicinity of the Dune Unit out in LaSalle, so why the N-S?

Am I too myopic about formation depth gradient and latent compression/tensile stresses?

Ideally here I would prefer NW to SE oriented laterals. That is what Verdun has done on offsetting EF units.

The original EOG Dune laterals were N-S / that orientation - although not ideal in my opinion - is still sufficient to give one a good frac job propagation if pumped correctly.

The 30-to-45-degree shift to go N-S doesn't appear to have hurt EURs in this area. 

Assuming lease configurations in this area have impacted lateral orientations



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