My family owns mineral rights on a tract of land in La Salle County . Carizzo was the original operator and drilled four wells. Callon acquired Carizzo and did not drill any more wells. I found out this tract was included in a sale of “non-core assets”. Callon will not give us any information. I’ve called three times and they say someone will call back but no call back. Also, the normal end of month notice of payment initiated did not come. I checked out one of the units (Anderson-Raemay ‘B) Unit/ 18383) on Texas RRC. It shows the current operator as TEXAS AMERICAN RESOURCES COMPANYI’m assuming this is the purchaser. Does anyone know anything about this company? Aren’t they required to continue to make payments and notify us that a sale has taken place? I’m really worried now. I hope this forum is still active and that you guys can help me fill in the blanks. Thank you!


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Happy 2022 to you.  I hope we all see some financial returns from our minerals this year, not to mention good health.

Here is the website for Texas American Resources Company.

You might click on the menu item (at top, right) labeled "About" and click on Team, Partners, and other menu items there.  At bottom of page if you scroll down are a couple of telephone numbers for their corporate HQ and their South Texas office in Pleasanton.

Although I have zero experience with any of the members of the management team, personally, some years ago I was involved in a transaction with their current financial partner, First Reserve Corporation.  They seemed to be straight-up guys, at least they were 25 years ago.

James C. Maxwell

Susie, echoing JCM's comments - Texas American is a solid established operator and company. You have nothing to worry about here - they are the polar opposite of "fly by night" and underhanded. I know and have dealt with many of the people on their "My Team" page. These are sharp people who have been there - done that.

With all that being said, property sales and transfers can sometimes be slow and frustrating as to transitioning from one operator to another. This was common in the past - and in today's environment, I can see this transition being even more problematic and frustrating.

Eventually Tx American's accounting people will get caught up with all the info that they have acquired and start making payments on a regular basis. Just have to be patient. If you were on the payment roles for previous operator - all this will transfer.

Good luck on all this.

Thanks, James. We did get paid so all is well.

Press Release on Texas American's Website


Texas American Resources Company Acquires Additional Eagle Ford Reserves

DECEMBER 31, 2020



AUSTIN, TEXAS - December 31, 2020 - Texas American Resources Company (TARC) announced today the acquisition of a 67% working interest in certain properties in LaSalle County, Texas.  The acquired properties consist of approximately 4,000 net acres held by 52 producing wells.  The acquired properties are adjacent to existing acreage the Company acquired in 2018, providing several opportunities to achieve operating efficiencies for both assets.

"We are excited to have completed another acquisition in what has been a difficult year for our industry," said David E. Honeycutt, TARC President and Chief Executive Officer.  "We believe that these assets provide us the opportunity to revamp production while lowering operating expenses across our entire LaSalle County asset base."

Some more info after researching some of my sources (mostly ENVERUS) - Although the sale announcement was made in Dec 2020, Tx American did not officially (as per Tx RRC filings) take over operations in your well (and probably all the other ex Callon properties) until Oct 1, 2021. This long transition from one operator to another is typical. Adding in recent COVID issues and holidays and "slow" can be understood.

Tx American operates over 400 wells in Texas. And over 250 of these are in the S Tx Eagle Ford (Atascosa, LaSalle, Frio and Zavala Counties).

Attached is the production graph for the one well that you mentioned (note that this is monthly production plotted on log scale). Looking like production has flattened out nicely after some bobbles over the past year. Gas production is up as oil looks flat (to be expected in this type of reservoir). Thinking that Tx American operators will in the field during this 10-month transition working with Callon people to take over these wells. 


Hi Mark,

im really hoping this site comes back to life. I love it. This is great information. I didn’t understand your last sentence. Do you think they will drill there soon? We have a total of 4 wells and room for 10 more (or so I’ve been told). 


Hi Susie

I too hope this site resurrects itself, but I doubt it. The trend appears to be once people get educated to a certain degree, they see no need to reach out with more questions. Sad but true.

If you are referring to my comment about Tx American operators being in the field during the 10-month transition period (i.e. deal announced vs formal Tx American takeover of operations), this just means that Tx American "was going to school" learning about the producing well details, logistics and intricacies. Good chance that the old Callon field staff did not keep working with these wells and that Tx American needed their people to "learn" these wells.

Producing well operations are like children - each one is unique and different. Not cookie cutter operations from one to another.

There is definitely room for drilling more laterals - I haven't looked at the details here but between the Lower and Upper Eagle Ford plus Austin Chalk, the number "10" seems reasonable.

As to drilling timing - impossible to say. Right now, there is no pressure to drill new wells since the original four wells are holding the entire acreage blocks by production (HBP). And the producing wells are making the operator money.

Tx American definitely has placed a value on the undrilled locations - this is one of the primary reasons why they purchased the Callon position (i.e. upside cash flow via new drilling). But no pressure for them to drill NOW. It all comes down to economics - does spending the capital to drill new wells make sense as to the discounted economics and Rate of Return for new wells.

Obviously, O&G prices come into play with this decision.

I will post (with no support for my opinion) that Tx American will drill 2-4 new laterals in this one specific block in the next 3-4 years.

Thanks, Mark. If this site should be decommissioned, could I get your email address to keep in touch ? You are so knowledgeable. Thanks again,


I will do a friend's invitation so that we can transfer that info

Susie, I sent you a friend request yesterday. That will allow us to "talk" via email. 

Where does the friend request go? I’m not familiar with all of the features of the site. 

You will get a separate email from GoEagleFord site with the "friend request" from me.  I checked and my request is out there.

Might want to check your spam folder.

You may want to try to send me a "friend" request.

Got the Members tab in the bar at the top of the site.

Search for "Mark" under members.

I am the Mark with the Castle icon. Click on that and you will find a tab to do a "friend request"



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