Is the 'ol BAND getting back together? Is the EagleFord planning a Farewell or a Reunion Tour?

Well, numbers don't lie, they also don't tell the truth, they are all just subject to your interpretation.

(See following  table.)

  • Both US and Texas total active rig counts have increase roughly 50% year over year, but Eagleford's count has almost doubled.
  • As of March 11th 2022, almost half of all active rigs in the US are drilling in Texas. 
  • Interestingly the Eagleford has about 18% of the Texas total and 9% of the US total
  • Finally Karnes County has 25% of Eagleford, a little over 4% of Texas, and amazingly over 2% of the total US active well count.

Where is it all going? Only Time, Politics, and the Current World Situation will tell, but I bet there are a lot of folks on this site that have meaningful information and insightful opinions. 

Let share what we know and what we think, is it Farewell or Reunion Tour?

Aggie '75

Select Rig Counts as a % of …
Texas as a % of US Total 48.27%
Eagle ford as a % of  US Total 8.45%
Texas Total 17.50%
Karnes County as a % of  US Total 2.11%
Texas Total 4.38%
Eagle Ford Total 25.00%
Rotary Rig Count 3/11/2022
      This Week  +/- Last Week  +/- Year Ago
  United States Total   663 13 650 261 402
  Major State Total                
  Texas     320 12 308 117 203
  Texas RRC             
  DISTRICT 1    22        
  DISTRICT 2   24        
  DISTRICT 3   6        
  DISTRICT 4   15        
  DISTRICT 5   2        
  DISTRICT 6    24        
  DISTRICT 7B   6        
  DISTRICT 7C   26        
  DISTRICT 8   177        
  DISTRICT 8A   13        
  DISTRICT 9   0        
  DISTRICT 10   3        
  Major Basin Total            
  Eagle Ford    56 2 54 27 29
  Top  3 of 19 Eagleford Counties            
  Karnes   14        
  Webb   11        
  La Salle   7        
Eagle Ford Shale Rig Count
(as of 03/14/2022)
Showing Top  3 of 19 Eagleford Counties
Eagle Ford Shale Active Rigs Oil Gas Oil & Gas Horizontal Vertical Footage Share
Karnes 14  12  ---  13  189,500  21.54%
Webb 11  ---  129,400  16.92%
La Salle ---  ---  65,250  10.77%
Total 32  18 7 3 28   384,150 49%

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Thanks, Mark.  Good info, as usual, and encouraging, moreover.

A couple of other interesting updip wells in Atascosa County, having been drilled in 2011.

Aniol Unit Lease No. 16374.  Operated by Recoil Resources since January 2022.  7968 ft. deep

Farnik Unit Lease No. 15892.  Operated by Recoil since January 2022.  7733 ft. deep.

Looks like acreage acquired by Recoil for new drilling (longer allocation unit wells?) and possible recompletion of the above listed wells.

Highly doubt any recompletion efforts in old wells.

But new laterals highly probable. Who drilled then wells in 2011?

Both were drilled by Burnett Oil Co. in 2011

Both have been owned by a series of small operators until acreage acquired by Recoil, evidently in late 2021/early 2022.  My info from Production Query TxRRX.

Thanks for that info - Burnett Oil was never known as being a great Hz / Unconventional play driller and completion company. There wells seemed to have had a long litany of issues and problems.

2011 completions in Gen 1 to 1A category - I am sure that Recoil / Cusack has some improved ideas tied to how to optimize exploitation in this area.

Out of curiosity, I looked at these two wells. Some strange things going on here. The oil API for these two laterals ranges from 28 to 32 - over a distance of one mile. More importantly, GOR is very low in both laterals - so minimal reservoir energy in a black (and relatively heavy) oil system. Hard to produce much from that type of rock.

Quick look seems to point to Burnett using sliding sleeve frac approach on these two wells. Less expensive but less effective approach to stimulation.


1 to 2 miles to the SW on strike, there is another EF lateral that has good oil API (35) and very good GOR.

Changes like this normally don't happen along strike in offsetting well areas.

Devil in the details here - lateral landing zone and ultra-aggressive frac's with ESP's to unload max fluids post frac probably part of Recoil recipe.



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