We have five wells on 1000 acres just west of Milet on FM 469 that is leased to CHK.  They recently notified us of their plans to drill four more wells with laterals that are about three times longer then our old wells.  Has this happened to anyone else in the Las Angeles area?

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Chesapeake has done this in the Austin Chalk in the Vesper area long the Dimmitt / LaSalle County line and had some great success. This was mentioned on one of their recent presentations.

Other operators are doing this in the AC along the trend all the way up to Bryan / College Station area.

Key in drilling these long laterals is to treat them like the Eagle Ford, I.e. set casing and frac the laterals instead of depending on natural fractures in open hole completions to the root source of production (the "traditional" AC approach).

Some great wells along trend by EOG in Karnes County

Thank you, Mark...Of course I meant to say EAST on 469.  I can not believe how long these laterals are getting...several miles!

Right now, 10000' laterals are the norm and 12,500' and longer are being done. It is not the drilling of these long laterals that is the issue - that is pretty easy. But being able to effectively frac the entire lateral is the issue that presents problems.

I am also located just east of Millet on 469. CHK is proposing 5 new wells; 2 10,000ft laterals and 3 15,000ft laterals. 

Good thing they did all that road work on 469.

I have an interest in this area as well. Is this on the 7K  Lease? (Abstract 382, 383,328).  How were you notified? Ive gotten Division Orders and royalty checks but never anything else.  Thanks!

Sorry it has taken me some time to reply William...Really bad case of the flu, which caused a bout of Pneumonia and a week long stay in the hospital !  We were notified by mail from one of the landmen working for CHK requesting signatures on some of the required paperwork.  This area appears to be one of the "sweet-spots" in LaSalle cty and activity is certainly starting to pick up.  Hopefully, it's only a matter of time before you hear from them.



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