Leasing and now the drilling has picked up on the Eastern edge of Fayette County

Mainly East of Hwy 77 and North of Schulenburg

Geo Southern started the leasing in this area, mainly East of Hwy 77 between Schulenburg and LaGrange about 2 years ago.  There has been some talk that they are working on a plan to lease over 100,000 acres and their target objective is the Austin Chalk rather than the Eagleford proper.  Geo Southern had a good start on the area leasing and now a few other companies have joined into the leasing effort. Although they have been keeping a low profile, EOG has started leasing in this area as well and I believe the company that is doing their leasing is Jeter.  

This looks like an Austin Chalk play and lots of gas rather than crude at this point; but, the drilling effort has just started and information is mighty scarce.  This play should be a good one to watch over the next few months and into 2018.

For now the Western part of Fayette County seems to be at rest since all the big guns are focusing on the Hwy 77 corridor.

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Wow, i didnt know the Austin Chalk was still being looked at.  My parents property in Western Fayette County has drilled for Austin Chalk 30 years ago with no luck.

Anybody heard/seen any activity in W. Fayette lately?


The Western part of Fayette is quiet as a church mouse right now.  The leases in the area where I have mineral rights, West of Hwy 95 started dying about a month ago and as far as I know, no one has made any effort to renew these leases.  My 3 year lease dies in July and by the end of September there will be very few leases that are still active.  Just looking at the monthly leases filed in the court house over the past couple of years, there are only a few new leases filed anywhere close to me and the only ones that are filed are in the Muldoon area and a few in Flatonia proper and these are very small "clean up" leases by the old Southern Bay folks under the name Sabine River Energy.   Most of these leases are less than an acre.  So very little to nothing West of FM 154; however, a company by the name of Beland Energy, LLC is leasing quite a few pieces of property between Muldoon and East toward Hwy 609.  These low crude prices and the uncertainty isn't helping much; but, it isn't slowing them down over East of Hwy 77 and to some degree just West of Schulenburg in the St Johns and Engle area.

Thanks Bigfoot, great update.

Our property which is currently leased is just west of Cistern.  As you said it is a 3 year lease that is ending fairly soon.  


For now it looks like anything West of FM 154 (Muldoon-Flatonia Road) and North of I-10 is off their radar screen.  Another interesting point is that the Austin Chalk was to some degree a step child play back from 2008-2015; but, EOG and a couple of other companies hit some monster chalk wells down South and that has brought the Chalk back to the forefront.

Check these maps out.  This seems to be where all the interest is for now.  Hopefully they will open.

Hoping for renewed activity in our area some day soon.


The first map you attached, can you tell me what presentation that came from?


I have been looking all afternoon and still can't find it or anything comparable.  I will try to follow up and see if I can locate the source; but, this came to me in an e-mail from a friend.  Supposedly he got it about third hand from someone that has been following an Austin Chalk forum or blog or group or something like that.  I am having a hard time working my way through these forums now that Keith has updated them.  Can't quite get the hang of it yet; but, working on it.  I used to participate a little bit back a few years ago in the old Austin Chalk blog; but, that was mostly associated with the Haynesville blog since nothing or for sure not much Austin Chalk activity was taking place in our neck of the woods back then.

If you have time, you might start here if you can figure out how to access this part of the updated Shaleforum.


Good Luck and maybe we can start getting more active again.


After further investigation and discussions with my friend, we have no idea where this map actually came from; however, there is lots of discussion about this area on the MRF Fayette County Eastern blog; but, don't remember seeing this exact map there either.


This is the best I can do!  Hope it works.


Fantastic work, looks like you found it!

I am curious to see production histories of recent chalk wells. I sure hope they can make a drilling program work rather than just one good one now and then.

Information is mighty scarce right now and I don't believe that is by accident!

This is the source of the map- at least the second one


Thanks!  Great to high lots of eyes.



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