Question: Is it common for a 5000ft lateral well in the same unit as a 10000ft lateral well to have about the same initial production? My simple minded assumption was if you doubled the length you would get greater initial production. My wife's theory is doubling the length of a water hose does not increase the volume. I'm sure its more complicated than that but a seasoned professional's opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Chaz

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Yes, that's how it was described to me. What affect, if any, will that have on the life of the well?

With no gas lift or similar artificial lift, the well production will be lower and lower over time and eventually die. This application lengthens well life and ultimate EUR. 

This is all just fascinating.

I searched the Internet for a graph of the pressure profile along the wellbore of a "typical" horizontal well, but was unable to find one.  However, I did come across this abstract from a presentation at an SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium in the Woodlands TX in 2009.  See link:

Pertinent excerpt:  "Pressure drop in the horizontal wellbore, if too high, may cause an unacceptably higher inflow from the heel area1,2,3 to the extent that most of the toe section of the well may remain unutilized, thus making it a complete waste of investment4. Inflow Control Devices (ICD) have brought promises to the industry's efforts in horizontal wells inflow profile optimization. These ICDs provide us with a means to induce some additional drawdown between the reservoir and the wellbore5."

JCM Note:  When the authors say "... toe section may remain unutilized," that may be an overstatement.  "Underutilized" is probably a better term, but in any case non-uniform drainage from toe (what I referred to above as "last frac or take point") to heel ("first frac or take point").

Lotta people doing research into this for optimizing production, decline curves, EURs, etc.


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