We are fortunate to have interest in some good wells in the southern part of Wilson County almost to the Karnes county line.

We are leased with Recoil and they have been very active in our area over the last year.  I have heard from several different people that these latest round of wells EOG has been very involved with helping Recoil.

Would anyone know if that is accurate and if so, why would they be helping Recoil?  I know EOG is the best in the business and been the leader with most technology and advancements so for that reason i hope they are somehow involved.

Just wondering if there would be any truth to this feed store gossip.

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I have not heard that rumor (i.e. EOG helping Recoil) but will propose a possible scenario:

Recoil is run by ex Petrohawk people (Cusack et al) who were the leaders in the Eagle Ford play way back when. Personal relationships are probably in place between the two companies - with each side having info that other side may deem as important.

EOG may also be working with Recoil to eventually divest some of their lesser performing EF assets to them.

Like many operators, lower performing assets are normally lopped off - and EOG is no different (they have done this in some areas already).

Thanks Mark,

Its been really good to see our area hot again.  I know we are not in the prime EF location but i do know that when Hunt first started we had some good wells in this area.  I'm assuming that Recoil has some good data that supports the uptick in activity.  They are spending the time and money for sure.

Thanks Again

 A lot has been learned since those first wells and the early days of the Go Eagle Ford Shale forum.

Better understanding of the geology / reservoir combined with refined landing zones and improved fracs (probably 5-6th generation) has had a big impact.
Add in lower costs per foot to drill plus the ease to drill and frac 10,000-15.000' laterals are all pluses too.

Biggest controlling factor (in my opinion) as to how far updip / NW the EF play goes is thermal maturity and gas content (reservoir energy).

Thanks, David, for initiating this discussion thread, and thanks, Mark, for your inputs.

I have been watching Recoil, myself, and some of their very good wells along a swath NW of the SW-to-NE-running Wilson-Karnes boundary.  Some of the wells are 7 miles updip of the W-K county line, where wells tapping my own mineral interests lie, but closer to Atascosa.  My wells are circa 2014, in what by 2014 standards is a pretty poor area.  So Recoil is undoubtedly using better technology.  This gives me some hope, as well as does your suspected cooperation of some kind between Recoil and EOG, who hold my minerals HBP.

As Alexander Pope penned:

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

Man never IS, but always TO BE blest."   (my own emphasis)



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