My three year old water use agreement has just expired.  Was getting paid 0.35 per barrel and would like input on current rate being paid.

I am in Karnes County and considering asking for 0.50.

Any input would be appreciated.


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Would you mind sharing what price you came up with? We are in Karnes County and currently negotiating water with one of the local oil companies.

I was at .35/barrel and am asking for .50/barrel.  Their initial reply that in Karnes county they are only paying .35.  I am sitting tight.

Please share with me the same information for your situation.

Is this for wells in your own unit, or is the water being piped off of your property? Does your contract stipulate anything different in this regard?

This is for water piped off our property.

I dont want to go into to many details as we are currently still negotiating with the company but the price you stated is the initial offer we received as well. To be honest I am leaning towards just telling them no. The offer just feels to lopsided in their favor to me.

We have already lost too much land to roads, pads, pipelines, valve complexes etc.etc. We used to never see anyone on our ranch and now it is almost comical how many trucks and people come and go out here. 

I know we should feel grateful for the bounty that has come our way but believe me after awhile it get very tiresome.

Thank you for your input and I share your feelings about loss of land, traffic on the land...but do have to feel somewhat grateful for the income provided.

I will start a new post where I basically told a pipeline company that I do not need their money and keep the pipeline off my land.  



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