Does anyone know the status of these two Wildhorse Resources wells in the Stern 144 Christian EF Unit in Burleson County?

API # 05134172

API # 05134174

Thanks for your help.

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Both wells reached TD in laterals and set casing as of late July. Nothing else since then as to reports or production info

Thanks for info.

Are these two wells producing yet?  If so, on what date did they start production?  Production numbers?

Have you checked the TX RRC site for production info. They have data on there thru at least December.

In case you haven't found this info on the Tx RRC site, both of the wells (using same pad) came on line in August 2018. Cum production for the 1H is 83,400 BO with 20 MMCF while the 2H has produced 75,700 BO with 15 MMCF of gas.

Latest rates (Dec 2018) are 475 to 570 BO per day with 50 to 75 MCF per day.

Very low GOR's - which is the norm for this part of the Eagle Ford trend.

Thanks. I greatly appreciate the info.

I was not able to find any information on the RRC website.

No problem.

All this info is there on the RRC site - look in "Production" in the Pending category using the Wildhorse Operator ID.

By the way, operator will soon change since Chesapeake recently acquired Wildhorse.


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