i've been told that eog is going to plug our well and the one next door.they gave up the lease on half of our ranch a couple of weeks ago,expecting the rest when well is plugged.(about 1500 acreas)


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Maybe waiting for pipeline, pump jacks, etc?

Everest Resources just permitted and began drilling in the Buda, Korzekwa Unit 1-H and Esparza Unit 1-H.

You're almost directly between those two, aren't you?

tanks,pump jacks already in place,greene well zero oil,ours down to nothing is reason for plugs.

i've got a call into tom crain @everest,have not heard back.


Looks like yours was into the BUDA ?  maybe not so good at that layer?

Looks like there are Eagle Ford layer wells just a mile or so to the east of yours, and others to the south, and west, and they all produced a decent amount of oil (not gushers, but not dry either).

'Give up the lease' ?   was it set to expire soon?  no extension clause?

Maybe they're 'shaking you down'  so they can talk you into a new & cheap (for them) lease, at the 'old rate' ; so they can lock-in the Eagle Ford, which should be productive?

Be very interested in any info you can share from Everest. Unconfirmed rumor just heard today about mega leasing offers being presented to Denhawken/Stockdale south area landowners. More info when I get better/confirmed details.

Is the "well next door" the Greene?

Looked at the info on the Janke - Buda conpletions like that in the Janke will have a tendency to deplete the natural fracture that is giving up the oil and gas (plus water) Over time, if the fractures system is limited (like it appears to be here), the production will die off or get to a point where it is uneconomic to keep the well going.

This area sits a bit more updip (NW) than the Eagle Ford wells located on the county line. The EF section thins quickly as you move NW plus the gas content also decreases. EOG would have  gotten a lot of details on the EF section during the drilling of the orignal Janke well.

It is highly possible that the combination of thinner Eagle Ford plus minimal gas energy to help move any oil out the rock and into induced fractures may caused EOG to determine that there could not be enough oil produced to pay out the probably $5.5-$6 Million to drill and complete a new EF well.

Using the original Janke wellbore to plug back and drill a shallower horizontal is probably not viable due to the present downhole configuration of cemented casing associated with the Buda horizontal.



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