Well- been waitin' a while - and now it's finally here (kinda) - BIG 1440 acre unit ! - EOG sure is getting the GRAB on! Don't know whether to be happy or sad, as you'd think they'd be able to fit all of our tiny 50 acres on it, and not just 1/3rd of it; sure hope the next unit goes beside and catches my other 2/3rd. keeping fingers crossed!

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Ok- 24 hours later and THREE more permits filed by EOG (dec 19) for 1000acre, 1200acre, and 1400acre UNITS right nearby/adjoining the Dec18 one;  WOW - looks like the EOG army is operating in full BLITZKRIEG mode relative to normal Wilson-Co activity!!  I suspect there will more- very shortly. And these are not 1000 acre ranches either, so I think we are witnessing a well planned and organized storm to get this acreage locked down pronto. And it looks like  1h's for adjoinging units are straddling unit lines symmetrically, for a quick rig-slide over to almost 'poke two units at a time' . Very cool, to be right in the middle of this storm . . .

Long time coming! 


My brother went by the new EOG pond that Rattler reported EOG is building. This pond is about 16ac and about 15' deep.

Now couple that with your reported land grab indicates some heavy action real soon. They have the Lang 1H pad ready to go.

I don't quite know how close the last permitted sections are in relation to the Lang unit. Would you know??

Thanks for all the good information, we greatly appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your efforts.

The EoG Peterson unit/permit & 1 other are about 1.5 mi North-East of the Lang, and they are directly adjacent to the eog Brown unit drilled this fall. the other two new EOG permits are further south, and lap over into Karnes Co ( maybe straight East of the lang bat 1.5 to 2 mi, not mapped yet). I believe there will be 1 more unit/permit (very soon) that will start at the Peterson, and stretch west covering co rd 214, before eog bumps into marathon held land that is almost straight north of the lang. so you see, it's all getting filled in. that's a huge pond they're building - I hope it stays after all this drilling, and LO opens it up to 'neighbors' for fishing & recreational skiing !!

Sounds like they are putting in a centralized frac pond / water source pond and will run surface lines to whichever pad needs water.

Don't be surpised to see a series of centralized production facilities for this set of wells.


16ac x 15ft = 240acrefeet of h2o = ~ 78 million gallons ; that will frac a few wells!


Thanks for the information.  Hope the next permit (s) will pick up the balance of our land.

Thanks a bunch to you and Mark.

Merry Christmas to you guys and all on the forum. Wishing all of us a Happy, Safe & Prosperous New Year.

EOG rig now on site to drill Warner & PETERSON units!

Also heard rumor MOSS unit will be drilled by end of Feburary.

Yea- that covers our acres!

view from fm207:


Congrats, been a long wait, we are still waiting for the Lang 1H. 

That must be the rig we see from our place.

Go EOG! :-)

Peterson and Warner units are combined around 2800 acres.  I understand EOG will be constructing two production units on CR 216 to support the wells on CR 207.  Both units are rectangular so hopefully more wells are planned on these units.

Peterson well is drilled, and rig moved to moss unit . EOG is moving along in this area!



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