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Your Friendly Neighborhood Oil And Gas Lawyer

Attorney Spotlight: Eric Camp

Years ago in Burleson, Texas, a company eager to extract natural gas from the Barnett Shale entered negotiations with property owners who were just as eager to profit from the minerals beneath their suburban development.

For a while, the talks favored…


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‘Antifragile’ Modular Construction

A recent WSJ article highlights the concerns associated with development within shale oil and gas plays. Many Shale Oil and Gas Economies are resource-constrained (in both labor and materials) because of rapid growth but also because of the fear that the boom may go bust. Oil prices are extremely volatile. There is reasonable reluctance by investors and local governments to ‘go long’, to make the necessary and expensive long…


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Taxes on oil and gas and property producing oil and gas 2013

It's that time of year again to start gathering up all the necessary papers for the dreaded visit to the accountants office for tax prep.I know income and payroll taxes are going up.Just turn on the TV about every two minutes a reminder comes on.Serving on a jury and paying taxes is a small price for the opportunity lo live here.I'm not going to harp on that anymore but man take it easy on some of us,please.As I was standing around kicking the red dirt of Frio County a little bird told me I…


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The EPA's Tainted Fracking Tests (WSJ OpEd)

Link to the WSJ OpEd >

The agency's groundwatercontamination finding is undermined by the U.S. Geological Survey.

It has been four decades since Richard Nixon launched "Project Independence" with the goal of making the United…


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