Atascosa - drilling permits north of Poteet


I came across this site recently when preparing presentations for family owned minerals in Brazoria County pertaining to the Clemens Salt Dome and the old West Columbia field which Jetta acquired from Chevron and is now developing previously overlooked oil reservoirs. I found the information on this site useful and up-to-date.


Turning to Atascosa County...


their database for Atascosa shows:


- 6044 wells

'-4393 drilling permits

-1306 oil/gas leases

-  418 producing operators

- significant spike in drilling permits 2011-2012

- significant increase in oil production by barrels 2011-2012


The first thing displaying on the URL above is:



with subhead



My specific question:


How accurate are the red dots signifying locations for drilling permits displayed for total county on this Google Map?

The concentration of dots around Charlotte and south/southwest of Jourdanton presumably could reflect recent EF activity in this area.

However, if one draws an imaginary east-west line across the map just above Poteet, there appear to be around 80-plus red dots in the non EF northern third of the county.


I find it difficult to comprehend that there could be this number of "recent drilling permits"  in the northern third of Atascosa, and wonder if some of these dots could be old historical websites, no longer active, and therefore should not be categorized as "recent drilling permits"?


Any comments/observations on this point would be appreciated, as I find two of the dots very close to our 664 mineral acres (A-570); one of which appears to be about 80 feet from the fenceline, yet we have no knowledge of this at all.  If accurate, I would obviously need to become more pro-active in looking into the background of this problem, or perhaps opportunity.  (Not so easy from Europe, where I live.)

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Comment by Mark on March 20, 2013 at 3:21pm

I have seen his site a few times and have had some issues with what they are posting. I don't see any time frame associated with "recent well permits" nor any way to set a search window time frame.

I checked (subscription site) and found only 16-17 permits in the northern Atascosa area since Jan 2000. All shallow wells tied to the old Somerset Field (Olmos Oil).

Your best bet to get more accurate info on activity is the Tx RRC site (link below). Somewhat difficult to use plus some options unavailable from 8 AM to 11 AM CST. But options for permits (with time frame), completions, production filings and GIS map to zoom to area and then click on wells for info.

Hope this helps.



Comment by Mark on March 21, 2013 at 10:27am

Checked the abstract that you rerferenced above on - no activity anywhere near it over past 3 years.

Comment by SBP on March 24, 2013 at 2:05pm

I agree with Mark, the presentation is a little fuzzy on timeframes.

But it is interesting and I wish I could print it but it seems it won't allow printing..

The majority of the red dots in North West Atascosa are old shallow wells associated with Big Foot field, Somerset Field and Charlotte field. We have seen a few shallow wells getting worked over or whatever it is they are doing but no huge deep Eagle Ford drilling that far north yet. The closest I know about is the Gonzales near the Charlotte football field and the Cabot Chillipitins.

I think the charts that show large increases in production are due to Cabot's Buckhorn area and the Virtex wells going in near Blunzer road. And, maybe a few of the Marathon, Blackbrush and Goodrich wells around.

I do like the map. It's kinda cool how I can zoom in and check status on certain relative's vegetable gardens, roofs etc:) Just kidding, it must have been taken in the winter. I think it would be cool to know when the satelitte is goiing to snap the picture and go outside and wave or hold up a funny sign or something:) They never seem to get people in them.  


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